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2015 Jake Guzelian Midwest Accident Repairs


54 shooters turned up for the November club shoot sponsored by Jake Guzelian Midwest Accident Repairs. This was a great turn up considering harvest time for many of our club members. A highlight of the day was 2 25 breaks shot, one by Tony Monk and the other by Peter Kay who shot an overall 91 for High Gun. The Club President Stephen Smith almost joined Tony & Peter with a 25 break of his own, only to drop his last target of the round to get a 24 - top effort just the same as he went on to shoot a 90 to win B Grade and 2nd overall for the day. Once again the Range setters did a great job with the layout & variety of targets, as did the office helpers colating nominations & scores and the ladies in the kitchen with the fantastic meat and salad lunch.

In the grades:

High Gun

Peter Kay 91

A Grade

Dean Delaney 88

Anthony Cahill 86

Luke Cross 85

B Grade

Stephen Smith 90

Tony Monk 87

Craig McPherson 85

C Grade

Geoff Menzies 76

Wayne Brown 68

Alex Downey 57


John Sidoti 77

Neil Donaldson 70

Super Veterans

Kevin Heywood 78

David Rouke 64

Tony Connolly 55


Mel Phillips 74

Amanda Madsen 71

Michelle Hooper 67


Bryce Barker 56

Sub Juniors

Harrison Moulder 63

Abby Rushton-Butler 53

Will Smith 50