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2016 Club Championships


The Luke Cross Engineering and Rigging 2016 Club Championships were held Sunday 20th March.

Over 50 shooters across all grades participated on the day.

Club honours going to a pair of great clubman with Rob Murray as the 2016 Club Handicap Champion and Brett Hall the overall 2016 Club Champion.

Photograph: L to R Rob Murray, Luke Cross championship sponsor and Brett Hall.

The range was set befitting a club championship and all who shot enjoyed a great day of fine targets.

Results all grades:

AA Grade: Dean Delaney 83, Peter Kay 78 Hugo Grasser 71

A Grade: Brett Hall 86 and Club Champion, Stephen Cooper75, Chris Everett 71 Tiny Corderoy 68

B Grade: Rob Murray 79 (club handicap Champion), Peter Tremble 69, Ken Purvis 67

C Grade: Mark Peacock 56, Mark Liersch 50(2), Simon Smith 50(1)

Veterans: John Sidoti 72, Neil Donaldson 61, Tony Everett 55

Super Veterans: Kevin Heywood 59, Denis Coaker 58, David Rourke 29

Ladies: Michelle Hooper 54(13), Amanda Madsen 54(12) Paula Purvis 49

Juniors: Harrison Moulder 43

Sub Juniors: Thomas Peacock 24