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2016 Gunpro May Shoot


The Gunpro May 2016 shoot saw a magnificent autumn day on Sunday 15th.

Photograph: High gun winner Dean Delaney presented by Martin Bourke Gunpro Dubbo.

50 shooters attended with a top notch lunch paid for by the shoot sponsor Martin Bourke Gunpro Dubbo.

Beretta Australia was in attendance with a large selection of shotguns to try out on the three target range specially set up for the event.

Many took the opportunity of the Beretta free gun fitting by Greg Chan CEO Beretta Australia who was also a coach of the Australian Olympic Shooting Team from 1995-2007 and conducted free gun fitting and custom stock measuring. Several shooters have now sent their guns to Beretta for free modification as part of the Beretta servicing for life service provided to Beretta owners.  

Greg’s vast knowledge and experience at the elite level was a bonus to all who attended. This is a service usually only found at state or national championships and it just shows the generosity of Gunpro Dubbo who arranged this for the Dubbo field and Game club. The generosity from Berretta was further evidenced by Greg Chan measuring and providing fitting advice for guns not of the Beretta brand.

Greg also freely provided his time in instruction on correct gun hold and mount to the many who took advantage of advice from a former Olympic shooting team coach.    

Impressive honours went to the Butler, Rushton and Rushton – Butler family with honours in each individual grade.

A loud genuine cheer went out to Paula Purvis for her first ever Ladies grade win and also to Gabe Rushton-Butler for his first sub junior win.

Picture of Martin with Sub Junior winner Gabe Rushton-Butler.


Birth Day congratulations went to a new clubman Jason McGrath with a nice gift from Martin Bourke Gunpro to celebrate. 

The overall High gun was won by Dean Delaney with an impressive 89 on a range that was  best described as challenging but with the advice early in the week from a former Olympic coach Greg Chan that the hard targets only get easier the more you shoot them was the mantra for the day. However the score average for all grades indicated a well set range and with positive feedback to Roy Butler, Jason McGrath and Peter Tremble this vindicated setting up the range over two days was worth the effort.   

Full scores across all grades:

High Gun: Dean Delaney 89

A grade: Luke Cross, Stephen Smith tied at 83, Chris Bourke 80

B Grade: Stuart Cole 82, Hugo Grasser 78, Roy Butler 76

C Grade: Bruce Cottee 70, Ben Sweetland 66, Lance Murphy 64

Veterans: Neil Donaldson 80, Bob Richardson 61 Bruce Furnell 37

Ladies: Paula Purvis 55, Jen Rushton 54(1), Mel Phillips 54

Sub juniors: (Shot a half course) Gabe Rushton-Butler 18, Matt McKechnie 13