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2016 February Rabbit & Crow Team - Duncan McGuinness Vet & Brennan's Mitre 10


The Duncan McGuinness veterinary Surgeon and Brennans Mitre 10 Dubbo are the sponsors for one of the best events Dubbo Filed and Game put on during the year.

56 Shooters rolled up to participate in a two person team’s event, where many friendships are tested.

And this shoot was no exception where communication, team work and reloading skills are tested to the max in this event.

The event sees various stands on the range where timed targets in pairs are presented to the shooter from simulated high flying pairs of crows, fast moving pairs of rabbits, ducks landing on a dam and any other devilish pairs that Denis Coaker and Tony Everett can think up.

The targets come in pairs at between five and seven second intervals and in theory it sounds easy, but when you and your partner are beside each other in shooting stands time seems to speed up very quickly.  

The biggest problem on the day is a sore mouth and chest from smiling and laughing.

Brett Hall and Glen Bloink held it together for an impressive combined score of 173 to take out High Gun for the day. I watched these two characters shoot on the Rabbit stand and the conversation between Brett and Glen was best described as colourful, with open and frank opinion exchanged on each other’s shooting skills. Racus laughter from onlookers following this pair was standard across the day. But when it came to the crunch these guys can shoot!

 All Grade scores:

High Gun: Brett Hall and Glen Bloink

A Grade: M Phillips / S Cooper 170, L Redfern / B Sweetland 164, R Backus / R Nichols 162

B Grade: S Brander / S Cole 164, R Murray / T Carr 159, P Tremble / J McGrath 149

C Grade: A Smith / C Pigram 151, J Gardiner / T Hudson 115, A. McGinness / M O’Dell 109

Junior: W Smith / J Lawry 62

Super veterans: L Townsend / L Clarke 104, D Rourke B Richardson 874