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2016 State selection, Peter Kay, Guns and Game Magazine and Miroku 3 Day shoot results


Dubbo Field and Game clay target club hosted 130 shooters with 15 ladies and 12 juniors over 3 days from Saturday 11th – Monday 13th

This major event on the Field and game shooting calendar consisted of 3 events over the 3 days.

Saturday was the state selection shoot followed by the Sunday event sponsored by Peter Kay Gunsmith and Breil & Bernadette Jackson from Guns and Game Magazine all who are long-time supporters of the Dubbo club. Monday wrapped up the 3 days with a 50 target event to take the total to 200 targets for the long weekend. 

This event drew the cream of shooters from across Australia and included the current 2015 Australian National Champion, 2015 runner up World Champion and 2009 World champion, Damien Birgan.

Watching Damien fire a gun is like watching Australia’s Adam Scott swing a golf club. You know that you are witnessing a true champion reveal his peerless talent.

When Birgan approaches the shooting stand, fellow shooters shuffle a little closer as they all want to get a glimpse of the man who became Australia's first world sporting clay target champion and he obliged by blasting a sublime 180 out of 200 targets over the three days with challenging targets presented befitting a state selection shoot, you earnt every target on the two ranges.

Damien is a much liked and respected champion across Australia and he gives his time and advice to all shooters such is the calibre of the man.


The B&P range:

Stand 1:  Driven high L to R crosser, floating incoming from high tower and a driven almost straight outgoer with a curve to the right and downward at the end of flight.

Stand 2: R to L battue, L to R quartering driven outgoing midi, Close fast and faster rabbit L to right outgoer

Stand 3: L to R high battue, R to L Tower driven high incoming quartering, R to L tower slower quartering

Stand 4: High driven L to R quartering outgoer, long low slow direct front incomer, R to L driven quartering and a devilish super mini driven R to L quartering outgoer   


Miroku Range:

Stand One: Driven downward of high tower fast R to L, slightly slower R to L of same tower, Incoming over L shoulder quartering

Stand 2: High floating incomer, Driver L to R crosser, fast distant Rabbit L to R.

Stand 3: L to R looper, Springing Teal, high R to L battue

Stand 4: Driven L to R long crosser, Driven R to L quartering and two floppy L to R midi crossers


Saturday was the NSW state selection shoot where the range layout was a first for a state selection shoot event. This type of range is usually only seen at national championships and the knowledge and expertise of the range setters led by Peter Kay was put to the test. The official title is Fédération Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Chasse (FITASC) new style that has strategically placed clay target throwers set to simulate live game birds/animals- teal, rabbits, pheasant etc. Each shooting stand has its own dedicated set of 3 traps. The Squad shoots from position one then moves onto a separate shooting position to shoot the same 3 traps but in different combination of targets. 4 stands made up each range to present fifty targets to each shooter.  

The achieve 100 targets the course was set as two ranges with the Eastern range named Miroku and the Western range named Baschieri & Pellagri with four Shooting stands laid out in a linear style on each range. 

Full Saturday results:

High Gun: Andrew Bell.

AA grade: Stephen Payne, Damien Birgan, Steven Atkins.

A Grade: Chris Everett, Michael Munroe, Matt Duncan.

B Grade Craig Kurtz, Richard Nicholls, John Collier.

C Grade: David Portelli, Ben Hooper, Mason Wicks.

Veterans: John Sidoti, Laurie Redfern, Milton Cartwright.

Super Veterans: Ross Christian, Phil Craig, Alec Ceccato tossed with Richard Mould for outcome.

Ladies: Emalene Munroe, Amy Buys, Michelle Craig.

Juniors: Kimberly Atkins, Jay Crittenden.

Sub juniors: Billy Cain, Tom McGrath, Tom Lyne. 

Adrian Hayes Memorial Team Event.

This event is shot by 4 person teams attending state selection shoots with graded shooters forming a four person team consisting of 1 AA, 1 B or C and two others except for AA. Teams are nominated at the start of the state selection event.

The Mudgee team were the narrowest of winners over Dubbo followed by Cooma.

Mudgee: Ross Christian, Craig Kurtz, Jason Solomons, Stephen Payne with 151

Dubbo: Peter Kay, John Sidoti, Chris Everett, Rupert Backus with 148

Cooma: Phill Craig, Richard Seears, Peter Reeve, Adam Mower with 113   

Sunday saw the Peter Kay Gunsmith and Guns and Game Magazine on the same range and course layout but with a twist, one shooting position for each stand and all targets were shot as report pairs with one stand having a simulated pair.

This was commented on by Damien Birgan in a television interview on Sunday as an event that sorts the men from the boys.

Full Sunday Results 100 targets:

High Gun: Damien Birgan 94

AA grade: Dennis Dinte 84, Stephen Payne 83, Peter Kay 82, (Declined prize) Grant Barton 82.

A Grade: Andrew Holly 82, Chris Everett 80, Andrew Webb 78.

B Grade: Richard Nicholls 74, Tony Crome 70, John Colier 67.

C Grade: Ben Sweetland 64, Ken Flemming 63, Steve Saunders 62.

Veterans: John Sidoti 67, Milton Cartwright 65, Colin Doorman 59.

Super Veterans: Phil Craig 75(8), Alec Ceccato 75(3), Denis Coaker 66.

Ladies: Amy Buys 71, Emalene Munroe 62, Michelle Craig 55.

Juniors: Jay Crittenden 57,

Sub juniors: Billy Cain 82, Oscar Mower 52, Tom Lyne 50. 

Mondays event was 50 targets adding to the overall weekend targets of 200 for prizes of two brand new Miroku MK70 30” Sporter Guns Black edition with Gold highlighting and special wood selected for the guns. 1 gun was for the High Gun for the three days and the other was a secret score where shooters who had that score all then shoot off until a winner is declared.

3 Day event results total 200 targets.

High Gun: Damien Birgan 180.

Drawn secret score shoot off: Mick Munro 20/25, Andrew Webb 19/25, Matt Duncan 18/25 and Richard Nicholls & Phil Craig tied with 17/25. 

AA grade: Grant Barton 164, Stephen Payne 163, Dennis Dinte 161

A Grade: Chris Everett 155, Matt Duncan 151, Andrew Webb 147.

B Grade: Richard Nicholls 143, Tony Crome 124, Peter Tremble119.

C Grade: Mason Wicks 129, Ken Flemming 123, Ben Sweetland 119

Veterans: John Sidoti 139, Milton Cartwright 134.

Super Veterans: Phil Craig 142, Denis Coaker 124, Richard Mould 114.

Ladies: Amy Buys 138, Emalene Munroe 124, Helen Overton 120.

Juniors: Jay Crittenden 117,

Sub juniors: Billy Cain 154, Tom McGrath 112, Oscar Mower 105.