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2017 NS State Selection #4 Miroku Challenge


Dubbo Field and Game held the NSW State Selection #4 over the June long weekend as part of the 3 day Miroku Challenge. Sun was shining but unfortunately someone forgot to cancel the wind for the day! The layouts had been "tweaked & tightened" by PK and the setters from the previous day and along with the constant gusts of wind it was a whole new range! With some of the targets bringing quite a few shooters undone. The term "Think Outside the Box" I think became quote of the day! 88 Shooters took to the range to compete against the wind, targets and each other in order to take home those sought after sashes! Robert Hall proved himself as High Gun Winner with a score of 84. AA Grade - 1st Bart Brighenti; 2nd Stephen Payne; 3rd Jacob McKenzie A Grade - 1st Luke Cross; 2nd John Collier; 3rd Andrew Bell B Grade - 1st Stephen Smith; 2nd Gary Adams; 3rd John Dickey C Grade - 1st Paul Leonard; 2nd Akie Dovitsas; 3rd Ben Sweetland Veterans - 1st Peter Kay; 2nd Rodney Carr; 3rd Milton Cartwright Super Veterans - 1st Alec Ceccato; 2nd Ross Christian(+17); 3rd Laurie Redfern(+16) after a very intense shootoff between 2 great shooters Ladies - 1st Helen Overton; 2nd Karen Buys; 3rd Michelle Hooper Juniors - 1st Jack Roth; 2nd Tom McGrath; 3rd Oscar Mower Sub Juniors - 1st Nicholas Brighenti; 2nd Tayla Roth; 3rd Eli Kelly (after a shoot off with his own brother! ) Sub Junior results are taken over the first 50 The Adrian Hayes trophy was taken out by Sydney with the score of 259.