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2017 Sinochem Shoot



Sunday 17th September saw the return of the HAGGIS!

Our friend from Scotland Hugo and his band of kilt wearing helpers set a fantastic range with a variety of great targets.

Unfortunately there was only a small field of shooters who braved the beautiful sunny day to take on the mystical creature like upside down skipping target called the Haggis.

 Stephen Cooper took honours of High Gun overall

Rupert Backus became Grouse King for the day

And after a nail biting (no not really but sounds good) shoot off between an A Grade, Super Vet & Lady shooters for the title of 2017 Haggis Champion - Winner and Bragging Rights went to Chris Everett!

A Grade Winners

1st Chris Everett, 2nd Craig Mcpherson, 3rd Rodney Carr

B Grade Winners

1st Nick Ridley, 2nd Tony Corderoy, 3rd Ruper Backus

C Grade Winners

 1st Mark Hosking, 2nd Peter Tremble, 3rd Israel Trapman

Veteran Winners

1st Peter Kay, 2nd Neil Donaldson

Super Veteran Winners

1st John Sidoti, 2nd Denis Coaker, 3rd Les Townsend

Ladies Winners

1st Mel Phillips, 2nd Amanda Madsen, 3rd Melanie Randell

Thank you to Hugo and his helpers for a great range and all their hard work they put into it. To everyone that helped in the office either taking noms and payments,doing the scores etc. Big thank you to Stephen Smith for catering lunch - greatly appreciated!