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2018 Rob Murray Night Shoot


Rob Murray Night Shoot Saturday 28th April 2018

The 2018 Rob Murray Night Shoot saw just over 40 shooters take to the stands and try their luck.

Setting the range was Rob Murray with John Bennett (JB), Mel, Amelia, Dylen, Willy & Lauren giving their assistances as well.

With a tricky teal, sneaky rabbit and one horrible low flying crosser, there was a mixture of targets set for everyone’s capabilities. 

Shooting 50 targets Saturday afternoon then stopping for a bbq dinner cooked to perfection by the Everett Boys Tony & Chris along with the sou chef John “Sods” Sidoti.

Stepping out on the range once more, shooters tried their hand at shooting the same targets under lights – total different ball game! The laughing started along with the scratching of their heads with everyone wondering what they were doing wrong!

. Scores changed some for the better, a lot for the worse.

All shooters were treated to an extra special 25 targets if they wished, with these ones proving very tricky on the eyes.

Thankfully this range was not counted in the results.

A huge thank you goes to “Kennard’s Hire, Dubbo” for their ongoing support to Dubbo Field & Game with their loan of the lights to allow this shoot to happen.

High Gun Christopher “Horse” Bourke 91

A Grade 1st Chris Everett 86

2nd Stuart Cole 81

3rd Brett Hall 80

B Grade 1st Ken Purvis 86

2nd Rupert Backus 84

3rd Craig McPherson 80

C 1st Nathan Jones 66 S

2nd Steve Tipping 64

3rd John Bryden 61

Seniors 1st Peter Kay 83

2nd Rodney Carr 70

Veterans 1st Tony Everett 64

Masters 1st  Denis Coaker 70

Ladies 1st Paula Purvis 70

2nd Mellissa Bourke 67

3rd Lauren Judge 64

Juniors 1st Tom McGrath 73

2nd Eli Kelly 41

Sub Juniors 1st Ethan Kelly 74

2nd Charlie North 54

3rd Jake McPherson 45

Lucky Score Rebecca Bryden 37