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2018 Duncan McGinness Veterinary Surgeon Shoot


Duncan McGinness Veterinary Surgeon Shoot

Sunday 18th February brought out just under 50 shooters to the Duncan McGinness shoot.

Range setters Bloinkey and Coley thought outside the square, circle and triangle to bring us some absolutely cracker targets!

It was challenging, hair pulling but all shootable by all levels of shooting abilities.

High Gun Winner - Stephen Cooper

A grade - 1st Anthony Cahill

2nd Craig McPherson

3rd Stuart Cole

B Grade - 1st Nick Ridley

2nd Lance North

3rd Ken Purvis

C Grade - 1st Darrell Matthews

2nd Jarrod Nicholls

3rd Luke Tomlin

Seniors - 1st Peter Kay

2nd Kevin Haskin

3rd Tony Monk

Veterans - 1st John Sidoti

2nd Laurie Redfern

3rd Denis Coaker

Master - 1st Les Townsend

2nd Bob Richardson

3rd David Rourke

Ladies - 1st Mel Phillips

2nd Gabby Kirk

3rd Amanda Madsen

Sub Juniors - 1st Charlie North

2nd Aliza Purvis

Thank you to Bloinkey, Coley for setting the range, along with Stephen Smith, Rob Murray, Mel, Amelia and Dylen who assisted them in set up.

Thank you to Tony Corderoy for delivering the pallets of clays. (And unloading)

Thank you to Bloinkey for rallying the pack up helpers - many hands make light work and everyone gets to enjoy presentation that way.

Thank you to Amelia Murray who ran the office and set out lunch for everyone.

Biggest thank you goes to Duncan McGinness for his ongoing support of the club. Positive there were quite a few wagging tails!