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Double break to start the year


20th Janurary saw the first shoot for 2013 for the club and was sponsored by 2 long term and generous sponsors Duncan McGinness veterinary Surgeon & Brennans Mitre 10  

Highlights included 37 shooters which is a great roll up considering holiday time. This didn't take away from the quality of shooting with 2 25 breaks shot one by John Sidoti and the other one by Chris Bourke who put together a very impressive 93 for High Gun.  Great to see the president setting the standard of shooting for the year.  A special mention to Tony Corderoy on shooting a 90 to win B Grade. Its great to see new members improving and enjoying the club.

Another pleasing aspect was 6 lady shooters which is great that they feel welcome at our great club. Well done boys & girls.

Results as follows 

Super Veterans

1st Denis Coaker 83

2nd Kevin Heywood 78



1st John Sidoti 89

2nd Les Townsend 80


Juniors & Sub Juniors

1st Sam Bander

2nd Angus Brander



1st Lisa Oldfield 54

2nd Mo Ross 31

3rd Pedr Corderoy 30


C Grade

1st Neil Donaldson 60

2nd Mark Peacock 58

3rd Bob Richardson 53


B Grade

1st Tony Corderoy 90

2nd Colin Dorman 81

3rd Duncan McGinness 47


A Grade

1st Glen Bloink 72


AA Grade

1st Jake Guzelian 87

2nd Chris Everett 85

3rd Peter Kay 81


High Gun

Chris Bourke 93