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Bermagui State Selection a road trip to remember


A dozen Dubbo Field & Game Members including 2 ring ins piled on a bus and travelled to Bermagui to compete in the first State Round for 2013.  Heading off a couple of days earlier, we left on Thursday so we could go Deep Sea Fishing on Friday.  On the bus was Paul Knaggs (driver), Harry Knaggs, Steve Smith, Denis Coaker, Sam Brander, Angus Brander, George (Angus’ mate), Bloinksta, Min (the bride), Jesse Bloink, Jake Guzelian and PK in his own ute who arrived on Saturday night – he was unable to meet the bus deadline due to overwhelming work commitments.


Our weekend kicked off at 5.00am Friday, by the time most of us got to the Bakery for breakfast, Smithy had already upset some of the local tradies by buying every sandwich and roll in the Bakery.  Boarding the deep sea vessel we started making bets on who would be the first to catch a fish – that was Harry.  Biggest fish was Jake.  First to chunder was a huge effort from Sam who continued to do so for most of the day, followed by Jesse then George and Denis was 90% there but couldn’t follow through.  Time to fish, we kept getting snapped of by leather jackets for most of the day until we got on to the Flathead.  46 Flatties and a bag full of leather jackets were landed for the cranky Captain to clean, Smithy had nothing to do with upsetting the Skipper, I think it was time for the Captain to have a career changes – one that was not customer service related.


Saturday was a lay day; Jake & Knaggsy took Jesse, Sam & Harry estuary fishing, while Angus and George went to the Beach.  Smithy, DC, Bloinksta & Min went for a bus trip to Narooma to have lunch and a few beers.  Saturday night we decided to have dinner in house at the wonderful outdoor facilities provided at the Bermagui Motor Inn.  Our hosts were wonderful and couldn’t do enough for us, Min & Bloinksta took over the kitchen and prepared dinner.  A Warm Pumpkin & Calamari Salad with our Flathead and a potato bake that was prepared by our hosts before they themselves headed out.  By this time PK had arrived and Matt Leighton joined us all for dinner.  We had numerous bottles of Spirits on hand and Jake’s Chocolate Liquer was well enjoyed after our meal.  By the time dinner was finished and the kids were in bed, there was a fair bit of bullshit flying, mostly from Smithy & Jake!


Sunday morning off to the Bermagui State Selection shoot.  PK selected the Dubbo team for the Adrian Hayes Trophy consisting of himself (of course), Denis Coaker, Sam Brander & the Bus Driver Paul Knaggs (over Bloinksta due to chronic back pain and over Smithy due to swelling of the tongue).  The thick bush setting set the scene for some interesting targets throughout the day with one Dubbo F&G Member to fork out $50 for a protest which proved fruitless as it was a loss/loss in the targets being shot again.  Understandably this member copped a caning from Smithy all day.  A very well run day with a good variety of targets that you don’t normally get to shoot at our local club due to the terrain.  Bermi put on a smorgasbord of all you can eat style tucker including fresh local marlin caught the day before.


Results for the day were as follows:


  • There was shoot off for High Gun at 82 between Peter Cassar and Gary Georgiou with Gary being the victor.
  • AA PK– 75
  • AA Jake Guzelian – 71
  • A Glen Bloink – 73
  • A Paul Knaggs – 72
  • A Steve Smith – 66
  • Junior Sam Brander – 2nd with 69
  • Sub Junior Angus Brander – 1st with 65
  • Sub Junior Jesse Bloink – 57
  • Sub Junior Harry Knaggs – 50
  • Super Vet Denis Coaker – 3rd with 66
  • Dubbo Team won Adrian Hayes Trophy


During the presentation, one of the Bermagui members in their speech expressed their willingness to attend a Dubbo Field & Game Shoot just to see if all Dubbo members are as crazy as Smithy.


A big THANK YOU to Knaggsy for doing the entire wheel work, Smithy for organizing the trip and the rest of the boys for making it such a wonderful weekend.