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Luke Cross 2011 Club Champion


The 16th saw the annual club championship shoot take place on a challenging range. The 100 target event over 2 ranges shooting back to back allowed for shooters to see the same targets from different perspectives. The final result saw Luke Cross shoot his way to victory with a 77 for High Gun.  Luke has been on the rise over the last few months and was great to see him take the big title for 2011. Well done to all our club champions and all the 34 shooters that came out for the event. The major sponsor for the event was Duncan McGinness Veterinary Surgeon. 


High Gun Luke Cross


AA 1st Peter Kay


2nd Jake Guzelian 55
A Grade 1st Brett Hall 75
2nd Chris Bourke 63
3rd Chris Everett 61
B Grade 1st Stephen Smith 61
2nd Geoff Menzies 55
3rd Paul Knaggs 53
C Grade 1st Ben Cross 50
2nd Ben Hooper 34
3rd Neil Donaldson 26
Super Vets 1st Denis Coaker 61
2nd Laurie Shaw 53
3rd Kevin Heywood 51
Vets 1st John Sidoti 53
2nd Les Townsend 45
Juniors 1st Mick Vaughan 39
Sub Juniors 1st Angus Brader 52
2nd Jesse Bloink 47
3rd Harry Knaggs 39
Ladies 1st Melissa Brander 17