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Coaker Everett the best yet


The 2014 Coaker Everett memorial shoot was nothing short of a resounding success for all involved. The weekend started off with the official opening of the clubhouse by Damien Birgan Australia's only FITSAC world champion. Other special guests included local member Troy Grant and many other representatives from various gun clubs from around the region.

Once the formalities for the day were completed shooting began under gloomy skies and at the weather mans threats all week of a wet weekend we were always battling the big numbers. 65 passionate shooters rolled up to take on Dubbos premier shoot of the year. The weather held out for most of the day and culminated in one of the finest meals we have had at the new range hosted by Bloinky & Min. Pheasants, quail, whole young pig and lamb fulfilled everyones apatite. this was one of the most enjoyable evenings in the rain.

Sunday morning we woke to overcast but no rain to commence the second day shooting. some had a few focusing issues as a side effect of the great night before, These were quickly overcome as the competition was on for anything from prizes to pride.

As this was a 2 day shoot and a clear Sunday we attracted more shooters to get to the early 70's for shooters for the day.

The day culminated in several shoot off for results with the highlight of the day a shoot off for highgun between Local member Peter Kay and special guest Damien Birgan. The other shoot off was for the Grouse trophy between locals John Sidoti and Peter Kay. It was great to see Peter back in form and shooting well. It was very pleasing to see 40+ people walk up the range for the shoot offs just another indication of the strength and support throughout the club.  

Results for the weekend
Highgun Damien Birgan 197+19
Intermediate Highgun Angus Brander 156
AA Grade
1st Brett Inch 169
2nd Malcolm Price 159
A Grade
1st Peter Kay 197+17
2nd Chris Everett 177
3rd Luke Cross 173
B Grade
1st Rob Murray 164
2nd Roy Butler 157
=3rd Tony Corderoy & Stephen Smith 151
C Grade
1st Ben Hooper 156
2nd Geoff Menzies 134
3rd Craig Mcpherson 131
1st Vicky Johnstone 154
2nd Jen Rushton 95
3rd Michelle Hooper 88
1st Ryan Walsh 82
Sub Juniors
1st George Lyne 127
2nd Chris Koolbanis 86
3rd Abby Rushton Butler 72
1st Ross Christian 173
2nd John Sidoti 169
3rd Max Holland 165
Super Vets
1st Kerrod Kay 161
2nd Denis Coaker 155
3rd Les Townsend 133
Saturday only cash divide
1st Tom Stalley
2nd Alistair McCutcheon
3rd Wayne Brown
4th Alex Downey

Sunday only cash divide
1st Craig Kurtz
2nd Luke Carr
3rd Paul Knaggs
4th Ben Cross
5th Glen Bloink

Classic Pheasant Gun
1st Rodney Carr 142
2nd John Coaker 139

Side X Side
1st John Sidoti 169
2nd Denis Coaker 155

Special Trophy stands
High Pheasant Brett Hall 40/40
Grouse John Sidoti 40/40 +10
Black Duck Damien Birgan 17/20
Bernie Rawson stand Damien Birgan. 19/20

Thankyou to all who made the weekend a success and a very special thankyou to the Coaker & Everett families for their continued support in the 13th year of this fantastic event. We look forward to seeing you at next months Menzies Pumps & Irrigation and Chris Bourke shoot.