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Peter Kay floats to the top of a wet Gunpro Shoot


For the first time at the new range we got the opportunity to shot in the rain for something new.  32 shooters rolled up for the monthly shoot sponsored by GUNPRO of Dubbo.  With a 5 station field layout shooters got the opportunity to shoot the same targets 4  times and was an ideal time to pratice all of the fundermentals of our great sport. Scores varied and was a nice change from some of the more challenging ranges of the last few months. Peter Kay won High Gun by 1 point over veteran traveller Ross Christian of Mudgee with a 91/100.  A grade was won by the multi talented flower grower come touch footballer and current club champion Luke Cross with an 82 in a shoot off with Andrew Webb from Bathurst.  Murray Rees in 3rd with an 81. B Grade was hotly contested with Paul Knaggs winning with a 78 knocking his sledging buddy Steve Smith into 3rd with a 74 and Ron Spedding after shooting very well at the FGA Nationals and High Gun at the Parkes Tower Championships splitting the two with a 77 to gain 2nd place.  C grade was won by Ben Hooper with a 67 with Neil Donaldson 2nd 58 and Peter Spradbrow with a 58 for 3rd. First time to Dubbo Zeke Spradbrow won Juniors with a 36. Sub Juniors was won by the ever improving young gun Harry Knaggs who may have claimed the shot of the day on the last stand with a very snappy shot on a slippery crosser before the tree to a big cheer from the onlookers.  Jesse Bloink was 2nd with a 41 and Brendan Bond with a 30 for 3rd.  Veterans was won by Mudgee shooter Ross Christian with a 90 to Tony Everett with a 76 and John Sidoti with a 70.  Super Vets was won by John Smith with a 50 and Tony Connolly with a 31.  A very big thank you to Gunpro for your continued support of Dubbo Field & Game and hoped you enjoyed your day out.  Thanks also to Tony Everett and his range setters for a big job on the Saturday in 38 degree heat setting the range.

Next month is the Christmas shoot and a great social occasion for us all to celebrate a great year at Dubbo Field & Game. We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.