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Peter Kay Gunsmith and Guns & Game Co sponsored shoot


A field of 62 shooters attended the Dubbo F&G club shoot for March generously co-sponsored by Peter Kay Gunsmith and Guns and Game magazine.

Peter Kay along with Briel Jackson and his family have been long-time supporters of our club for many years and we thank them sincerely. So members why not visit Peter and buy some shells as he matches any price in town and its fun haggling with Peter and then he carries them to your car, excellent customer service from Peter Kay Gunsmith.

Use this web address for the Guns & Game magazine  for the best shooting magazine in the country and get in quick because at $37.00 for a one year subscription Briel is giving it away! Don’t forget the cook book “Grub in the Scrub” with loads of pictures on how to cook your favourite bush tucker recipes put together over 20 years.  I can’t wait for mine so I can cook like Bloinky.

Many of the shooters had stayed overnight from the previous days state selection shoot. However the speed of many of the traps from the state selection shoot had been adjusted overnight so that similar looking targets from the previous day were presented however they were not as they seemed with many a shooter wondering why they hit it the day before but not this day. The wise ones caught on quick and the word soon spread someone had accessed a spring spanner overnight. “Faster& slower some may be, but tell can I not the ones trouble that may cause” Obi wan Kenobi was heard to say.

Who is Obi  wan, well thats another story.

 Photographs will be posted shortly.


High Gun: Anthony Cahill 88

AA Grade: Steven Atkins 86, Peter Kay 85, Andrew Bell 83

A Grade: Rodney Carr 86, Chris Everett 81, Andrew Garvie 80

B Grade: Luke Carr 78, Anthony Corderoy 77, Craig McPherson 76

C Grade: Dooley Graham 82, Ken Purvis 71(1), Jason McGrath 71

Seniors: Max Holland 82, Jake Guzelian 81(8), John Sidoti 81(7)

Veterans: Denis Coaker 80, Errol Foster 76, Jim Holt 74

Ladies: Emalene Munro 69, Michelle Hooper 60, Mel Phillips 55

Juniors: Michael Vaughn 71, Marcus Jackson 58

Sub juniors: Tom McGrath 77, Kimberly Atkins 53, Mackinley Codrington 50

 Don’t forget the Rabbit & the Crow on March 29th.