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Hugos Haggis & the nice Scottish Day


May saw the annual Sinochem Australia shoot held on the last Sunday of May.  In what is usually a Scottish them to the event with Hugo setting the range and the famous bouncing Haggis across the dam.  This year Hugo was able to do one better and organise some fine scottish mist and rain to cover the day for the 68 shooters who rolled out for the monthly shoot.  This shoot is well know among members as a true field shoot simulating birds and game in the wild and Hugo and his helpers didn't disappoint. High gun for the day was the current in form clubman Peter Kay who shot a 81 for the day.

A Grade

1st Luke Cross 78

2nd Chris Bourke 77

3rd Chris Everett 76

B Grade

1st Dean Delaney 76

2nd Rob Murray 74

3rd Roy Butler 67

C Grade

1st Ken Purvis 68

2nd Darrel Matthew 63

3rd Mark Peacock 60


1st Jake Guzelian 71

2nd Lance Murphy 54

Super Vets

1st Denis Coaker 73

2nd Tony Everett 56

3rd David Rourke 50


1st Michelle Hooper 51

2nd Mel Phillips 45

3rd Mo Ross 39


1st Mick Vaughan

Sub Juniors

1st Gabe Rushton Butler


A big thank you to all the office and kitchen helpers it is just a great club to be involved with.

Thank you to Sinochem Australia for there continued support of Dubbo Field & Game