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2015 Menzies Pumps & Irrigation, Bourke Family Shoot


A clear spring day & a wonderful variety of targets made a great day of shooting & socialising at the Menzies Pumps & Irrigation, Bourke Family sponsored shoot. The day was shot as 2 rounds of 50 targets with a good mix of all field targets.  Congratulations must go to Chris Bourke and helpers for setting a range that was a worthy of a warm up to the State Championships. 

In the grades:

High Gun Winner

Peter Kay 89

AA Grade

1st Chris Bourke 82

2nd Stephen Cooper 80

A Grade

1st Rodney Carr 83

2ns Rupert Backus 74

B Grade

1st Tony Monk 78

2nd Luke Cross 77

3rd Ron Spedding 76

C Grade

1st Stuart Cole 72

2nd Tim Carr 62

3rd Alexander Downey 59


1st Laurie Redfern 80

2nd Denis Coaker 70

3rd Neil Donaldson 61


1st Kevin Heywood 71

2nd Bob Richardson 56

3rd David Rourke 49


1st Amanda Madsen 63

= 2nd Mel Phillips/Michelle Hooper 61

3rd Paula Purvis 59

Sub Juniors

1st Archie Graesser 57

2nd Hamish Job 56

3rd Henry Robertson 47

Thank you Chris Bourke and Geoff Menzies from Menzies Pumps & Irrigation for their long time support of the Dubbo Field and Game Club.