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2016 January Iverach Volkswagen & NM Owens Quality Fuels


 A good roll up of shooters attended the 2016 January club shoot sponsored by Iverach Volkswagen & NM Owens Quality Fuels.

These two great sponsors David Iverach and Neville Ownen have been with the club for many years and we thank them kindly for their support.


Photograph: L to R Club president Stephen Smith congratulating January High Gun Winner Peter Kay.

After the heat wave of the previous week in the 40’s we were greeted with a very mild high 28° and the hottest thing on the course was the competition tightly contested across all grades.

Multiple shoot offs were required to separate tied shooters in AA, B, Super veterans & Sub juniors.


All Grade Scores:

High Gun: Peter Kay 89

AA Grade: Chris Bourke 88 (11) Alister Lyne 88(10)

A Grade: Craig McPherson 84, Brett Hall 80, Chris Everett 79

B Grade: Like Carr 83(9), Anthony Corderoy 83(8) Ken Purvis 82

C Grade: Stuart Cole 84, Glen Bloink 82, Ben Hooper 71

Veterans: Neil Donaldson 83, John Sidoti 81, Tony Everett 74

Super Veterans: Dennis Coaker 84, Keith Lyne 60(5) Bob Richardson 60(1)

Ladies: Amanda Madsen 72, Mel Phillips66, Paula Purvis 59

Juniors: Harrison Moulder 71

Sub juniors: Hamish Job 74(9) Tom Lyne 74(8) Henry Rourke 56 and Thomas Peacock