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2016 April Sinochem Australia shoot


A balmy 28° day greeted 56 shooters to the much anticipated Sinochem Australia April club shoot.

Hugo Grasser from Sinochem Australia set the range to his usual high standard presenting shooters with targets that he had gained knowledge off from his travels around the world.

The Haggis target made a much welcomed return and Hugo’s range setting skills again caught many off guard. The range was simple in looks but devilish in design.

Hugo is a much loved character of the club and the club was genuine in its appreciation of Sinochem Australia continuing sponsorship.

Hugo demonstrated his generosity and class when he won B grade and immediately disqualified himself and donated his prize back

Photograph: L to R Amanda Madsen, Hugo Graesser(sponsor) Michelle Hooper Mel Phillips

All Grade results:

High Gun: Peter Kay 87

Special Haggis Trophy: Craig McPherson

AA Grade/A grade: Steven Cooper 84, Chris Everett 83, Dean Delaney 82

B Grade: Hugo Graesser (sponsor withdrew) Seam McCarthy 69, Stuart Cole 67, Rupert Bacus 65

C Grade: Mark Liersch 59, Geoff Menzies 58, Darrel Matthews 55

Veterans /Super Veterans: Denis Coaker 82, Laurie Redfern 82, John Sidoti 77

Ladies: Amanda Madsen62, Michelle Hooper 60, Mel Phillips 54

Juniors/Sub juniors: Archie Grasser 69, Hamish Job 57, Henry Rourke 44