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2016 Wyanna Partnership Ladies Day


Ladies Set The Course
On Sunday 20th November, Dubbo Field and Game presented the Wyanna Partnership Shoot.
The Wyanna Partnership is made up from Ken & Paula Purvis along with Tony & Chris Monk.
The weather changed from overcast and windy to blue skies and hot. Shooters appreciated the shade tent set up at the beginning of the 2nd range with ice cold bottles of water supplied.
A challenge had been set with the ladies taking to setting the range whilst the men took over the kitchen.
Mel Phillips and Paula Purvis took on the challenge of planning the range to include an arrangement of targets. With one station in particular, challenging even the seasoned shooters. From everything from low flying ducks, hidden rabbits and a simm pair of high flyers that brought quite a few undone.
With Jenny Rushton, Roy Butler helping with setup, Tony Monk mowing the way, the range was ready for nearly 50 shooters on Sunday. Being harvest time, numbers were down but that didn’t stop everyone from enjoying themselves.
Lunch was organised by Chris Everett & Stephen Smith along with their band of helpers. From oysters, salads and some pretty impressive desserts.
Theme for the day was “With a Dash of Pink” to co-inside with the ladies wanting to support the McGrath Foundation. Everyone was asked to wear a dash of pink with those who didn’t being fined a gold coin donation. Along with a 100 club and “Fines” jar (for swearing, slamming of shells and any other thing we could think of the day), Dubbo Field and Game Wyanna Shoot donated $290 to the McGrath Foundation.

Peter Kay 83 (High Gun) 

Peter Tremble (special stand 8/12)

Brett Hall for best dressed in pink on day. 

A Grade: 1st Chris “Horse” Bourke 74, 2nd Brett “Pretty in Pink” Hall 73, 3rd Chris “The Chef” Everett 71.

B grade: 1st Tony Monk 79, 2nd Stuart Cole 73, 3rd Rod Hotham 71.

C Grade: 1st Rupert Backus 65, 2nd Jason McGrath 62, 3rd Mark Peacock 61.

Veterans: 1st John Sidoti 78, 2nd Neil Donaldson 74, 3rd Jake Guzelian 69.

Super Veterans: 1st Les “Pink Hat” Townsend 68, 2nd Kevin Heywood 64, 3rd Bob Richardson 55, 4th Bob Glassen 52.

Ladies: 1st Paula Purvis 60, 2nd Mel Phillips 56, 3rd Lisa Oldfield 50, 4th Melinda McGrath 34, 5th Mo Ross34, 6th Bernadette Hargraves 30.

Sub Juniors: 1st Eli Kelly 60, 2nd Nicholas Lyne 45, 3rd Ethan Kelly 44,4th Thomas Peacock 38, 5th Thomas Gray.