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2016 Menzies / Bourke combined shoot


Saturday 17th December 2016 was the much awaited on Menzies Bourke Shoot which was postponed from September due to wet weather (road closed).
Just over 50 shooters joined Horse and Rat for their shoot, and after battling the wet conditions once again and the rising creek on Friday whilst setting the range. They came up with a layout situated on the Clubhouse side of the creek. Shooters happily went about attempting to hit some high flyers, a few rabbits and also a couple of sneaky targets hidden in the trees.
Congratulations were given to the range setters on a great course. 
This shoot wsa so succesfull Geoff and Chris are sceduling the same format for 2017 Sat shoot followed by xmas shoot.

This will be a a must to remember next year!
Prize Winners for the day were:
High Gun - 
Brett Hall 85
A Grade - 
Peter Kay 83
Luke Cross 82
Stephen Cooper 78
B Grade
Rob Murray 75
Craig MacPherson 73
Stephen Smith 73
C Grade
Jason McGrath 60
Darrell Matthews 49
Nathan Jones 
Laurie Redfern 80
Denis Coaker 64
David Rourke 51
Michelle Hooper 56
Mel Phillips 50
Paula Grace Purvis 47
Sub Juniors
Archie Graesser 59
Henry Rourke 33