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2017 Coaker Everett Memorial Shoot


The 2017 Coaker Everett has been and gone and what a weekend! Shooters had to contest with wild wind and cold conditions on Friday and Saturday which tested some skills of following the targets and guessing what they were going to do in wind. Sunday had the sun shining with only a slight breeze.

Range 1 had the Black Duck Station that consisted of some crossers and incomer which made u think especially in the wind

16 rabbits on the first timed station created much laughter; most shooters soon learnt that double barrelling them only gave them a split second to reload for the next one.

Warming up the shooters arms were the Pheasants on the next stand, incoming high over the head, one higher and quicker than the other.

2nd range brought the Bernie Rawson Memorial stand with a sneaky incomer from across the dam, a teal hidden down behind the dam bank and a tree for good measure along with a right to left crosser disappearing thru the trees. Denis didn’t think we had enough timed stations so he brought in "Crows" - nice simm pair coming from behind the shooters left shoulder 10 second delay.

The Grouse stand! Wow! 5 second delay between the pairs, incoming from the yellow truck, zooming past your right shoulder. The angle of the cage meant "get on them early". This stand as always brought shooters to their knees, along with the help of huge amounts of laughter and sledging from their fellow squad members.

Denis, Tony and their range setters are to be congratulated on a fantastic shoot. It was all kept running smoothly with minimal delays (if any).

Thanks go the girls for the yummy sweets over the weekend, people in the office, Narromine Rotary Club for catering during the day and to everyone else who worked behind the scenes.

The Coaker Everett Memorial shoot was held over 3 days with shooters choosing to shoot either 2 or 3 days with the best 2 day scores being taken as their results.

Black Duck station was taken out by Stephen Payne with a clean 14/14

High Pheasant was John Koolbanis with 31/32

Grouse Butt Station was Dubbos own Brett Hall with 29/32

Bernie Rawson station cleaned by John Koolbanis 14/14

With John taking home 2 of the major trophies he said he would be back next year to defend his titles!

With only 2 shooters taking on the challenge with classic pheasant guns Denis Coaker and Rob Murray - Denis took the high score.

Overall High Gun Winner for the weekend was Stephen Payne with an impressive score of 200/214. In the grades winners were

 A Grade - 1st John Koolbanis, 2nd Brett Hall, 3rd Gosh Bell, 4th Luke Cross

B Grade - 1st Ken Purvis, 2nd Bill Weber, 3rd Rod Carr, 4th Rupert Backus.

C Grade - 1st Sven Krollpfeiffer, 2nd Bob Warran, 3rd Scott Kelly, 4th Henk Va Den Hauvel

Ladies - 1st Lauren Judge, 2nd Amanda Madsen, 3rd Mel Phillips, 4th Paula Grace Purvis 5th Alison Kelly

Super Vets - 1st Mick Quinlan (aka Mudgee Mick) 2nd John Sidoti, 3rd Denis Coaker, 4th David Brenton, 5th Keith Lyne

 Juniors - 1st George Lyne 2nd Angus Brander

Sub Juniors - 1st Chris Koolbanis, 2nd Tom Lyne, 3rd Ethan Kelly, 4th John Corderoy, 5th Nicholas Lyne

It was great to see so many sub juniors come out and try with the timed stations.

Overall I think everyone had a great weekend with lots of fantastic shooting and a huge amount of laughs. We look forward to the 2018 Coaker Everett and can’t wait to see what Tony and Denis have installed for us.