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Day 1 State Championships What a Ripper


Day 1 of the 2 day state championships has gone off with great success.  A glorious day was there to greet the 78 shooters who travelled from near and far to contest the 2 day shoot.  The day has seen many of the shooters shoot with different people that they have never shot with as well as long time friends who meet up annually at events like this.  This is what makes out sport so more enjoyable.  The course was set over 2 ranges with Winchester and GB being the range sponsors under the major sponsors Peter Kay Gunsmith and Guns & Game Magazine.  The day saw 3 perfect 25/25 scores by Danial Baskerville Jake Glizelian and Stephen Newcombe.  Leading the day at the half way point of the event is Danial Baskerville with a 96. A big thankyou to RTon Spedding and Jimmy Zammitt for their great effort today in keeping everything flowing on the range TOP WORK Boys.  


Day 2 starts at 8:30 am with Squads 5 & 6 followed by 7 & 8


Best of Luck all shooters