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Dave & John Course Like their Scotch (Stiff Straight and Plenty of Doubles)


Dave Allan & John Smith Sponsored shoot Drew 41 Shooters from Gulgong, Trangie, Dunedoo, Mendooran, Orange

The best round of the day was shot by Peter Kay with a 23 shot on the first course with this form getting him into a shoot off with eventual high gun winner Lee Cunningham.

Best round on the second course was a  20 shot by Jake Guzelian

Well Done to Lee on his High Gun Win. This was closely followed by great shooting by Jed Cunningham with a 69 in the Sub Juniors.


A tricky course of fire by Dave Allan & helpers also helped by the wind on the day with a particularly challenging springing teal

I am lead to belive that the course was designed around there Scotch preferences Stiff Straight and lots of Doubles on the same stand

A great Lunch was catered by Rod Carr of Chicken & Salad.

Thanks to sponsors Dave Allan & John Smith for their support once again.

prizes offered in all grades & classes 1st to 3rd with some conciliation prizes as well