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Dubbo State Selection draws numbers


The Sunday of the 2 day shoot in Dubbo was the State Selection shoot which drew 70+ shooters from as far away as Bermagui and Victoria.  The range layout was the same as the Saturday only the cages and pairs changed.  This resulted in a large change to the results of the Saturday.  High Gun for the Day was Brett Inch with 80+8 after a shoot off with Bart Brighenti and Alex Ceccarto.  The week end was a resounding success with campers enjoying the hospitality and facilities that seem to ever be improving at Dubbo.  The 100 club was won by Andrew Bell and for his efforts took home a nice little $1000 cash.  Thanks must go to young Giovarni Araco who has his fathers ability to sell ice to eskimos and help with the sale of the tickets.  It was a great family feel for the weekend with campers and families enjoying there time in Dubbo.  Congratulations all.