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Menzies & Bourke Great Birds all day


The Menzies Pumps & Irrrigation and Chris Bourke & Family shoot was another succesful day at Dubbo Field & Game with a good rool of shooters out for a great day in the sun.  High Gun for the day was Peter Kay 82. The Chris Bourke Trophy stand was won by John Sidoti with a 17 followed by 3 shooters on 15. 

In the grades

A grade

1st Chris Everett 76

2nd Alister Lyne 72

3rd Luke Cross 70

B Grade

1st Steve Cooper 70

2nd Murray Rees 69

3rd Roy Butler 68

C Grade

1st Craig McPherson 62

2nd Rob Agnew 55

3rd Matt Watt 51

The sponsor Geoff Menzies shot a 52 and elected to step out of the prizes.



1st Michelle Hooper 51

2nd Jen Rushton 42

3rd Mel Phillips 24


1st Angus Brander 61

2nd Harry Knaggs 53

Sub Juniors

1st George Lyne 59

2nd Abby Rushton Butler 26


1st John Sidoti 75

2nd Laurie Redfern 71

3rd Neil Donaldson 62

Super Veterans

1st Denis Coaker 63

2nd Kevin Heywood 54

3rd Keith Lyne 52


A Big thankyou to Menzies Pumps & Irrigation and Chris Bourke and Family on another very successful shoot.