Our History

Dubbo Field & Game Assoc Inc is a non profit sporting organisation that shoot the widest and most challenging discipline in the clay fields.

This is done in a relaxed and controlled safe atmosphere that allows for maximum enjoyment. Come and try this great sport and challenge yourself.

This form of shooting simulates that natural shooting environment when you don’t know where your target is coming from and what its trajectory is. 

We currently have close to 100 members and have enjoyed growth in the past 12 months as more people become aware of this great sport. 

Like all clubs the members are the greatest asset of the club and with moving location in the past 5 years we now own our own range and a large number of traps and infrastructure that is making our club bigger and better.

Visitors always welcome.


Tim Murray (still a member today) became 1989 National Junior Champion (the 1989 nationals were actually held in Jan1990 due to an airline strike) then went on to come 6th as a junior at the World Championships in France 1990

Doug Murray, John Raglus, Jim Barling all had success at state & national level lots of home built manual traps & basic outers brand traps used

Dubbo was known in the early days for always shooting the same targets, this changed after Doug Murray went away to Geelong for the first time and saw targets way above & below on hilly country, we only had a flat ground.

Also Dubbo was known for a particularly fast high left to right crosser shot through pine trees with a very short window.

IN THE MID 1970's

While competing in Retriever/Spaniel field trials Laurie Shaw met three men who were instrumental in helping to form the Dubbo Field and Game branch.  They were

Warren Dickenson - State President and Sydney President (of Field & Game), Don Livingston (Field Trial Judge), and Ted Brooks (member of Sydney F&G)

After a lot of phone calls a meeting was called at Dubbo to form a branch.  From memory some of the people who attended were:

Bernie Rawson, Reg Metcalf (this is the fellow we purchase our new range land from) , Darrell Matthews, George Curtis and Laurie Shaw.

The range was set up at Rocky Bend in 1980, as for traps etc. 

Warren would turn up on Friday night with seven or eight traps (hand operated) on collapsible saw stools.  Club House and Clay Shed were built out of pine scantling with dirt floors; this remained until the branch prospered in the later years.

The first state selection shoot if memory serves correctly was held in 1980, (not long after starting up!) The first committee was: President: Laurie Shaw, Secretary/Treasurer: Bernie Rawson